Dear spaCy users,
We've been delighted to see spaCy growing so much over the last few months. Before the v1.0 release, we asked for your feedback, which has been incredibly helpful in improving the library. We're now getting very close to spaCy v2.0, which will feature native Deep Learning integration and better training workflows. We hope you'll take a few minutes to fill out this survey, to help us understand how you're using the library, and how it can be better.

Thanks for your support!
Matt and Ines
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Which of spaCy's capabilities are most important to you?

Which of these new spaCy features introduced since v1.0 are you most excited about?

If you had to pick only one, which of these potential future capabilities of spaCy would you be most excited about?

What would you like instead?

How important would {{answer_ICjB}} be to you?

Which of these additional resources and services would you be interested in, if they were available?

How would you rate spaCy in terms of accuracy?

Which annotations are most problematic to you?

How would you rate spaCy in terms of documentation?

What's the biggest problem with the documentation?

How would you rate spaCy in terms of reliability and stability?

What could be improved about spaCy's reliability or stability?

How would you rate spaCy in terms of usability and API?

What could improved about spaCy's usability or API?

Have you trained your own models for spaCy?

What were the main problems you came across when training your own models?

Have you contributed to the spaCy open-source project?

Which of these channels do you use to keep up to date with spaCy?

Which other open-source libraries do you use for NLP?

Do you use any SaaS offerings for NLP?

How do you keep up to date with NLP?

Which of these describes you best?

What do you study?

What is your research about?

What does your company do?

Which industry is your company in?

Do you use spaCy at work?

What company do you work for?

Do you have any other comments, suggestions or feedback about spaCy?

Thanks for your help!